Blaze Perri


student bio

Blaze Perri is both a designer and an illustrator, with his design interests and skills transcending various different medias and design types. Ranging from Motion Design to User Experience, and Fashion Design all the way into Conceptual Art and 3D Animation.

Recently, his focus has been delving into the vast world of User Experience and app development, to explore new ways of creative problem solving in the world of Interactive Design and looking to evolve the way in which we discover and design solutions.


artist statement

My focus has always been centered around strategy, both design strategy and strategic thinking, and facilitating creative solutions. Building a high level plan to look at problems differently, from every angle, on any issue, is the most important piece in finding a solution to anything. Especially, one that actually works.

Striving to understand more effective ways to problem solve and formulate strategies is what brought me into design. I’ve always been a creative, but that thirst for knowledge and the honing of my skills keeps pushing me to dive further. With exploration on my mind, I’m researching the new possibilities of streamlining the design process across multiple platforms within Interactive Design; App Design in particular. Looking to the community, Apple’s HIG & Google’s Material Design as the most important resources at my disposal, and to fuel my research, I aim to discover and actualize the most tangible method of streamlining cross platform design.