Gareth De Nobrega


student bio

Gareth de Nobrega is a student at CU Denver within the Digital Design program. Gareth was primarily interested in illustration when he entered the program but soon garnered a newfound appreciation for graphic design. This included work in typography, motion, branding, code, interaction, and 3d based design.

Although each class provided a new medium in Gareth’s toolkit, he was dedicated to gain knowledge from each experience and make every project into something he was proud of. He is looking forward to further improve his work and gain experience in the work environment.


artist statement

From a very young age, I was always drawing and sketching. When I found that creative work could be made into a career I was determined that was the direction I wanted to pursue. It became a part of who I was as a person. I see my design work as an extension of this fine art background, which gives me a unique viewpoint and set of values.

I aim to combine my expressive and imaginative illustrative side with my more precise and logical design side to create work that is innovative and unique. Along with my interest in design and illustration is a passion for technology. I embrace the use of technology to augment my design and illustrations and I push to find new ways of creating work. My design work is tremendously important in my life and something I work hard to cultivate every day. I find the development of a design satisfying and the result feels both significant and valuable.

Additionally, it is easy for me to be inspired by amazing work despite the style or medium. This allows me to be passionate towards and work on a wide variety of projects that require me to do different tasks. The result of this philosophy makes me a diverse designer that can tackle each project with a fresh perspective. With my design I hope to spark a sense of creativity and imagination just as the work that I see has done for me.