Jantz Gardner


student bio

Currently I am a student at the University of Colorado Denver pursuing a Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree, specializing in Digital Design. I enjoy most fields of design, particularly logo creation, branding, and layout design. I strive to work hard in all that I do and come up with creative design solutions to solve complex design problems.


artist statement

Since I was a kid, I've realized that design is everywhere. Yeah it's in ads and billboards, but if you really take a minute and look around, design is in everything; your car, a pair of scissors, a candy wrapper. Everything you look at can be attributed to someone and their design concept. I've tried to be aware of these everyday designs, as I've grown up. I want to be a contributor to this idea of design is everywhere and everything.

I believe strongly that what makes a good design doesn't always mean that it stands out. Designs can be just as powerful when they are subtle and executed in the right circumstances. My current work strives to fulfill my goal of combining subtlety with eye catching. I enjoy typography and branding and I love finding new typefaces that I can use in my work. I work to maintain simplicity in my design work by utilizing empty space and using clean, sans serif typography (in most cases, unless a client requests otherwise).

I strive for simplicity, but I am also aware of design trends, making sure that my designs are modern and current in look and style. I create my designs to contribute to the society that offered me so much wonder and intrigue as a kid. To be a part of the design culture is very fulfilling to me.