Jayme Lor


student bio

Jayme Lor is currently a junior in the Digital Design program at the University of Colorado Denver. As a student of the Digital Design program, he has been trained in multiple areas of design ranging from typography, print, motion, and UI/UX by the likes of Rick Griffith of MATTER: Graphic Design, Ray Sams, Roy Kaufman, Michelle Bauer Carpenter, Michael Salamon, Jason Bowers, and Amara Hulslander of Sphero.

The experience and benefit of having so many diverse instructors have allowed him to have a broad understanding of design so that he will have the skills and knowledge to succeed in various areas of design when he graduates in the Spring of 2017.


artist statement

As a student of design, I have discovered that I have only touched the surface of the design world, because it is vast and every design is different. I have discovered that my own art and design tends to reflect my life and views. They are simple in design and clear and straight to the point. I value the hierarchy of information and I want to highlight them, because graphic design is the visualization of communication. To me design is more than just making things appealing but useful too. We have to design with the idea of keeping things clear and not hidden, not confusing, only obvious. In user design, we must create and guide our users through a maze and give them a clear path as if they were only walking directly to their desired destination. WE ARE THE GUARDIAN ANGELS OF OUR OWN PRODUCT.