Jesse Story


student bio

My name is Jesse Story and I am a design driven individual who thrives on problem solving. My passion for design developed after high school when I moved to Steamboat Springs where I attended Colorado Mountain College and received my Associates of Applied Science degree in Ski & Snowboard Business.

My creative outlet took shape in Skiing and filming friends at the resort and in the backcountry. My passion for photography began to grow and it was my gateway way into graphic design. Currently, I find myself at the University of Colorado - Denver, pursuing digital.


artist statement

The focus of my current work encompasses user experience design focused on the interaction of humans and technology. I believe in a psychological approach to user experience design that harnesses usability and motivational triggers. This philosophy allows me to build a better understanding of user behavior concepts related to a specific task or goal. Currently my body of work can be found in many forms in connection to user experience, such as branding, and motion graphics. My design is focused on thorough research surrounding the users needs and wants, as well their demographic. During the research stage it is important for me build strategy not only around the product itself, but the ecosystem surrounding the brand.