Kathryn Kimball


student bio

Kathryn Kimball entered the industry as a fine art hobbyist. Her interests led her to discover her passion for videography and design. She has skills in Branding, Narrative, Motion, and UX/UI. Kathryn’s specialty is in Branding and Videography, as her work has appeared on Sundae Wines and SheExplores.

She currently works as a Brand Designer at Sundae Wines, and as a freelance designer and videographer. Kathryn will be graduating from UC Denver in 2017, with a BFA in Digital Design. Following graduation, she plans to start a business and continue her freelance work.


artist statement

Using traditional mediums as my door into the creative field, I quickly learned the power of art as an outlet. As a designer, we are taught deeply about theory, in which we are trained to use our skills to solve existing design problems, whether they may be social, behavioral, physical, etc. We quickly learn the distinction between art and design, and how beautiful things are only deemed successful if they are created with purpose, and founded on a strong defense.

While I hold true to this idea, I am passionate about extending beyond the pure function of design, and using it as a form of connection between people. Despite all the differences that exist among millions of individuals, emotion is a common thread that ties each of us together. I believe that raw human emotion is one of the most powerful forms of communication. It is with this idea that I plant my passion.

I am for design that challenges the barriers of fine art and function - design that challenges human emotion and connection - design with meaning - feeling. I am for design that has a story to tell - be it a brand or in moving pictures. I’ve committed myself to creating with passion and meaning, now it is my challenge to make other people feel it.