Kayla McIlvaine


student bio

Kayla McIlvaine is a Digital and Scientific Media Designer from Denver, CO. She is currently a student at CU Denver, and will be graduating in the spring of 2017 with a BFA in Scientific Media Design.

She is in traditional mediums, specializing in acrylic painting. She thoroughly enjoys designing things that are fun above all else, but aspires to use design to contribute to the betterment of mental health resources in her community.


artist statement

I bounce between wanting to make pretty things and wanting to be the ultimate visual problem solver. My body of work exemplifies my playful sensibility, especially in my print design, branding, and traditional medium pieces. When finding design solutions, I am dedicated to researching and using the honest display of data to create design that is both accessible and beautiful. I enjoy package design and branding centralized around interesting places and ideas, but I am especially passionate about work that contributes to the betterment of mental health resources, understands the way that people physically react to their environment, and that uses honest data to produce beautiful results.