Maddock Rigby


student bio

Maddock Rigby was born and raised in Boulder, CO, but also has lived in Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA, Da Nang, Vietnam, and Summit County in CO. After spending five years teaching snowboarding and enjoying countless powder days, she decided to switch to a more creative field and fell in love with design.

When she is not focused on the arts, she spends time sport climbing in Boulder Canyon, playing guitar and the piano, and hiking with her husband and two dogs. She is currently working in the field of visual design to create new technologies to communicate companies’ visions to their clients. Currently, she is at the University of Colorado - Denver, pursuing digital.


artist statement

I like to create duality within my pieces; a contradiction of the message contained within the visuals. I want to surprise the viewer by adding an unexpected element, but also make them think about the role of imagery in revealing a creative works true meaning.

With our current cultural & technological environment advocating for only a surface-level examination—the social sharing of headlines rather than articles and the Mona Lisa selfies—I think it’s important to push back against this shallow acceptance and encourage second, third, and fourth glances in pursuit of a message’s reality; the iceberg’s true shape is always masked by what we see above the waves. Simultaneously, as consumers are continuously bombarded by imagery, I believe it’s important to find and shape new means of communication through emerging technologies.

With the designer’s help, these technologies will foster curiosity and the desire to take a closer look, quietly pushing the user to question the stated reality of the message and find its true meaning. Ultimately, it’s the designers implementing the technology who will choose whether facades or hidden depths prevail—and I want to steer us towards those depths.