Nico van Poollen


student bio

Denver resident, Nico van Poollen, has been in love with the arts from a young age. By merging his passion for the arts with his desire of helping people, he found his calling in design.

Clad with a degree in Digital Design from the University of Colorado Denver, his fields of study cover graphic design, design research, user experience design and more. Much of his artwork reflects his discipline to the design process and his love of modern social connection.


artist statement

My design process is rooted in design strategy, design research and a heavily iterative process. Many of my artistic interests fall in the areas of research, user experience, community/event production, and social interaction both in the digital and physical forms. My interest includes designing for a variety of devices that span not only desktop and mobile, but also digital installations at museums, festivals, welcome rooms and other social gathering places.

Work that involves user experience not only in the sense of a digital experience but the physical interaction of product, people, and space together. My work looks to create the best experience for users/attendees and developing work that helps the greater good. In my thesis, I look to generate a community in which those going through grief can share their thoughts, words and emotions in a safe space while creating an artifact for their passed loved ones that is a physical and sustainable. Through my own struggle with grief, I was suffocated with societies digital reliance and the physical action of going to a therapist.

My art piece aims at allowing someone going through grief to express their thoughts and connect with a community of others going through the same emotional feelings, while breaking the barrier of disconnect that grief causes while implementing both digital and physical design solutions.