Paige Reidarson


student bio

The experiences technology can embody inspire Paige to create meaningful designs that end with impactful solutions. Upon graduation, Paige will continue her passion for a human-centered approach in UX. When she isn’t behind a screen you can find Paige on her bike or up in the mountains.


artist statement

Throughout my years, problems solving has been a large part of what I do and who I am. I always questioned the function and purpose of life’s obstacles, and in return my curiosity has led me to my place in this big field of design: user experience. I design every day because of its intriguing and intricate quest for solving problems that improve life. Experience is important to me and so is the livelihood of others.

I have found that human behavior and technology is an important relationship for intuitive usability. This relationship sparked my interest in how behavioral science can help facilitate a digital experience to help divert bad habits. Gaining scientific insight paired with design principles can in turn help create long term behavior changes of an unhealthy habit utilizing current technology.