Robert Fikes IV


student bio

Robert Fikes IV creates visually astonishing immersive experiences. He is currently in his last year studying Digital Design at the University of Colorado at Denver. There, he explores how he can push the boundaries of digital design by mixing design tools and concepts along with his background in computer science.

Robert is a full stack web developer and has worked in the education, real estate, and outdoors industries. He has also created several interactive installations that have been exhibited at galleries and local events.


artist statement

I have always been interested in figuring out how things work, whether it be from learning a new magic trick to hacking video games. This drive lead to me getting into the world of digital arts since 2005 where I starting off by making cool graphics to use on gaming forums. Now in 2017 I am delving into the world of creative technology where I plan to make mind blowing experiences. I learn as much as I can everyday to stay ahead of the curve and push the boundaries of technologies. I enjoy the challenge of solving something difficult as long as it results in a really cool experience.