Zachary Hueser


student bio

Zach Hueser became interested in design at a young age. He took art and design classes throughout high school through his college career at the University of Colorado Denver, from which he recently graduated with a BFA in Digital Design and a minor in Art History.

He has worked with a variety of clients professionally — mainly musicians and bands like Railroad Earth and Anders Osborne, as well as a multitude of acts in Denver. Additionally, he has interned as well as worked part time at NCTI (the National Cable and Technical Institute) completing graphics and videos.


artist statement

If there’s anything I want to be expressed in all areas of my work, it’s the notion that there was a lot of imagination put into it. In conventional design teachings, we’re encouraged to be innovative, tactical, and adept at problem solving. All of these things are valid and absolutely necessary, even required. Though, I don’t see as much of an influence on imagination and exactly how much personality you can bring to your work. With this in mind, I’m interested in how far you can take an original idea.

A lot of my work bridges art with design, in that it’s influenced greatly by surrealist and abstract fine art, which I believe is some of the most imaginative and forward-thinking art of all, in many cases. I strive for my art to be attention getting, expressive, engaging, and, perhaps most importantly, something that produces a sense of feeling within the viewer. I want someone to say that it evoked some sort of emotion or, in the best case, inspired him or her.

In these ways, I want them to build a connection with the work, and with me by extension, allowing me to connect with as many people as possible. I think making work that is purely imaginative gives the person experiencing your work sort of a direct connection to how your mind works, and what you’re inspired to produce as a designer. A lot of design, to me, is very cerebral, and I want mine to be more visceral with a lot of imagination, empathy, and connection.