James Dator Frigon


student bio

James grew up in Honolulu, in the beautiful state of Hawaii. He knew at the young age of eleven that his future would be in animated film or video game production. He was fortunate enough to attend Kapiolan’i Community College’s New Media Arts program. Here he took part in a yearlong Production Class creating the short film Chasing Paradise, which won best animated short film at the LA Studio City Film Festival. He left with an AS in 3D Animation and came to the University of Colorado Denver to pursue his BFA at the Digital Animation Center.

Here he has developed a talent and love for the art of character animation and story development. He enjoys picking apart a character and giving them a backstory, fleshing their backstory and motivation, why an environment should look and feel a certain way. James will be seeking a career as a Character Animator, but is also very interested in pursuing opportunities in Story Production.