Ryan George


student bio

I am a lover of all things involved in art, nature and narrative. I consume stories and images to feed my passion as an artist. My love for fiction and fantasy started early. Animation, cartoons, comics and picture books inspired a love for colorful characters and vibrant storytelling.

I grew up burning through art supplies, creating all kinds of otherworldly things. In 2012 I enrolled at the Colorado University of Denver in the newly founded illustration program. I happily continue to explore my love of storytelling through art, and hope it reaches others and makes them equally as happy!

artist statement

This project was a surreal and fantastical reimagining of my academic life. I utilized three separate scrolls, each containing four major images. The images on the scrolls are wordless, graphic, symbolic, and are to be read sequentially as one whole saga. The physical bronze scroll bearers, embossed with strange symbols, were sculpted to plant my fantasy in reality.

They contain many strange characters, scenes and objects. The story is both an autobiographical work and personal commentary on my personal journey through academia. My aim was to explore the connections between education and spiritual enlightenment. It centers around a boy born into a monistic society and fallows his trials and tribulations on his journey to discover enlightenment. The story was inspired by the ancient Chinese folk tale Journey to the West, and Homer’s Odyssey. I am also an aspiring Buddhist and wanted to pay reverence to its beautiful monistic culture.

Surrealism also played a large part in the conception and creation of this work. I used surrealist methods to help produce and understand the characters and themes. This artwork acted as a mirror for which to examine my own life as a scholar through a more introspective and imaginative way.