Nina Nadeau


student bio

Illustrator, Nina Nadeau is the founder of the CU Denver’s student club, The Artworks Guild. She was President from 2015-17 and was responsible for Open Life Drawing, the design and execution of the 8’x 8’ chalk murals in the Denver Chalk festival, 2015-16, and ‘The Mural’, an 8' x 8' acrylic painting of a homage to Lichtenstein with a zombie twist residing in the first floor, student lounge, Art Building, CU Denver. Her medium is digital painting and mix media. Her art has been featured in galleries in the Denver and Aurora area.

artist statement

Throughout history there have been times of great upheaval. Present day is no different, whether it is civil unrest or physical conflict. My circular, graphic, novel installation uses the age-old tools of humor and play to pear into difficult experiences and situations. It takes the viewer on a journey of love, conflict and unity.

Inspired by Dr. Seuss's playful and satirical writing and illustrations, my main characters, the Eye-Doodles, move through their story of love, tension, battle and resolution. They are two, charming eyes living on stalks with meandering legs and flowers at their base. They are the right and left eyes of the human face. One is red, the other is blue. The Eye-Doodles begin their adventure in love. Soon their meandering legs and flowers turn into more and more little ones. Social iconography representing various groups such as men, women, religion, science, Democrat, Republican and others appear.

Tension arises between the groups and some resort to physical actions. The conflict is resolved when many work towards a common goal and become purple in color. Through walking around this six-foot tall installation, the audience gets to physically journey with the characters as they transition in the story. The Eye-Doodles are a mixed media approach of watercolor, acrylic and digital painting. The installation is done in cardboard movie display style or ‘Standee’.