Rachel Vice


student bio

Rachel Vice is a Denver-based illustrator and designer armed with a BFA with an emphasis in illustration as of May 2017. Through her work she strives to integrate her knowledge of design with her background in illustration.

She is skilled in numerous design principles and illustration techniques from branding, layout design and typography to conceptual and technical illustration. However, her true interests lie in flat, graphic illustrations, the exploration of limited color palettes and the use of motion graphics to push her work beyond a static, two-dimensional composition.

artist statement

“Life’s a Dream”, features a series of still and animated imagery which combines illustration and motion graphics to capture dream-like qualities of a realm that teeters on the edge of the viewer’s perceived reality. Through the use of believable imagery in conjunction with subtleties that aren’t quite of this world, “Life’s a Dream” consumes the viewer as they question the truth within the scope of the work and the boundaries of the world around them.

While “Life’s a Dream” is conceptually based in bending the truths of an environment, it is stylistically rooted in flat, graphic illustrations. Through the use of this graphic style and a limited color palette, I set up a world that exists in a slightly alternate reality through the exploration of design principles such as scale, juxtaposition and hierarchy. Additionally, audio sweetening and the application of movement that pushes the boundaries of one’s real-world experiences serve to add to the dream-like quality that exists throughout the exhibition.

Conceptually, my thesis serves to present visual cues that jump in and out of what the viewer knows to be real. With ripples in reality comes a two-fold call to action for the viewer: first, take a second look and question everything – within the barriers of my body of work and beyond; and second, accept that which deviates from what you know to be true and find the joy and wonder that exists in the impossible.