Miranda Yang


student bio

Miranda Yang primarily works digitally and integrates illustrations into handmade books. Many of her illustrations originate from her conceptual characters. She is currently illustrating an original narrative, Will of My Kings.

Japanese animation and games inspire her passion to create fictional stories and characters. Yang’s stories derive from the idea of a character’s friendship becoming their greatest strength. Yang believes the media should not limit an artist’s expression. She achieves the look of traditional media with the maneuverability and immediacy of digital media.

artist statement

Through the use of a handmade book, I illustrate my narrative in the perspective of another character to describe my protagonists. Rather than writing a biography to portray the character directly, I develop a historic text to explain the background and legends surrounding the protagonists.

The public glorifies the main characters who resolve the war between the kingdom’s greatest powers and revitalizes the nature of the world. The scholars build the narrative around the heroes. In the context of the narrative, this historic text becomes a reference for other characters to learn more about the protagonists. A modern audience can learn about mythological and important figures primarily through documented texts and old stories written from a 3rd person perspective.

In order to keep with the atmosphere of the narrative, the covers and the pages are digitally illustrated similarly to an ancient scripture. I decorate the borders of the pages with elaborate foliage and collage the covers with metallic and jeweled embellishments for a lavish finish.