Bri Zdany


student bio

I bring humor into my work because life is so serious and I don’t want to forget to lighten up every once in a while. Art lets me explore uncertainties in life and projecting my thoughts on paper. I get inspired by my memories of food always bringing the family together. I depict food for the idea of it as a binding ingredient in life, relationships, and survival.

In some way my art connects me to where I was born and raised in Illinois. Working with my hands and creating something physical that you can hold and discover is what drives my art. Mixing mediums has always been a passion of exploration and my work combines various mediums whether physical like watercolor, ink, or acrylic, paper Mache sculptures, or digital prints.

artist statement

Catcalling or otherwise known as crude comments, whistles, hootin and hollerin at woman passing by. We dismiss catcalling as men being men and in reality its street harassment. Woman are looked at as sexual objects and are put into situations where they feel unsafe. My work signifies the injustices of woman being looked at as sexual objects or “just a piece of meat”. Portraying women as meat substitutes and the men as mere insects that can’t help but to call out to the tasty ladies. Using a bright limited color palette to instill a lightheartedness and humor to the pieces. Inspiration coming from food, woman’s curves, and how they relate.