Sarah Zimmers


student bio

She is a woman who can’t be told what to do, living her life through her art, a woman of tomorrow. All of this began when Sarah was born in middle-America Ohio in the 90’s surrounded by chain restaurants, football mania, and one mall. Even though this location was hardly an environment for an artist to thrive, thrive she did.

Skilled in many, many mediums she explores the truth of each and brings it to it’s boundaries. Even though her origin lies in the fine arts, she is now embarking into interactive media and design where she aims to fuse her knowledge of both art and technology worlds and redefine the boundary between art and technology.

artist statement

My thesis project is a computational jacket, Lumia(2.0), that utilizes the interactive qualities of technology & the expressional capabilities of art to make an immersive experience for both the wearer and audience. The jacket consists of a microcontroller, sensors, illustrative embroidery, and LED lights that are constantly changing to its environment through sensory input. Both the wearer & audience play an active role in the art piece, altering the lights with their physical presence and motion. The Iterative visuals are meant to challenge preconceived notions of audience and artwork. Lumia(2.0) works as a tool to make a collective moment between artist, audience, and wearer in which they all can contribute to the visual display of the jacket.