Jeanine Strasia


student bio

Jeanine Strasia was born in San Pedro, California and raised in Pueblo, Colorado. She studied fashion design and studio arts at Colorado State University and earned her Bachelor of Fine Art at CU Denver. Her early infatuation with silhouette, color, and texture in fabric is evident in her oil and mixed media paintings. Strasia has exhibited at numerous juried shows throughout Colorado and New Mexico and currently makes her art in Denver.

artist statement

I like things that trick my mind, plots that surprise me, and occasional moments of complete uncertainty. My art comes from a similar vantage point: textures, linear patterns, and geometric shapes interact with one another between layers of opaque and saturated color. The structure and surface of the object, whether wood, paper, canvas, or plastic is also an important component of the work, so it is not uncommon to see sanded areas of panel or bits of raw linen exposed within the composition.

The scalpel scratched impasto lines are a hard edged contrast over glazed pools of saturated color, allowing the eye a resting place away from the complexity of activated areas. Painting is an abstracted reaction to the world around me; everyday observations and occurrences are my typical subjects, like being hypnotized by the horizon as the sun sets, or noticing the faded green highlight in a barista’s hair, or following steam rise until it disappears above a city manhole.

Through paint, I am able to consciously explore and deconstruct patterns of desire and repulsion with a great sense of freedom and flexibility. The intention of the piece is often ambiguous, allowing the work to stand on its own while encouraging the viewer to find their own meaning or narrative.