Terrilynn Moore


student bio

Terrilynn Moore was born in Denver, Colorado in 1956. She was a Denver Police Officer for ten years and also worked in a mental health facility. Currently, Terrilynn is working on her ‘Alzheimer’s Chronicles—a multi-media installment that expresses the frustration, pain and chaos of living with her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Terrilynn began pursuing her BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Colorado Denver in 2011. In June of 2014 she was awarded the College of Art and Media Visual Arts Travel Scholarship. Terrilynn currently lives in Aurora, Colorado.

artist statement

I am my own art movement
My art is the expression of my soul’s experiences.
My art is lonely—so lonely—that it cannot breathe
My art is heartbroken again and again.
My art dances to rhythms that can only be
  heard and felt by me.
My dance is the staccato, broken, torn
  lyrical and silent.
My brush flows across the canvas
  using paint for tears, for blood,
for crushed dreams and loss…

I am my own art movement
Crying « Dada » when he has gone
  away, so long ago. I reach for « Mama »
and find only thorns and brambles.
Constructing strange realities from
  the found objects in my daily movements.
Tearing canvases apart, covering them
  in boogers of paint; I prick myself on the
  aluminum screening and razor wire
I use to shape the images of my
  dreams—the silhouettes of my

I am my own art movement
Abandoned to my own devices
I paint with dirt, spit and cum.
My private grotesqueries
on display, under your nose, in your face,
  in your space.
Uncovered, disheveled, unclean, unwanted,
  undesired. Undiscovered.
Until now. Here you are forced to look,
  or look away. Your nose turns up in disgust.
You could have helped me. But you denied that
  I needed help.
You could have intervened.
  But you chose not to.
You could have listened. Really listened.
  But you chose not to hear.
So, here I am. Twisted beauty
  full of love. A bristle-cone pine,
roots founded in the cracks of
 ancient stone, painting my dreams
on the wind.

I am my own art movement.