Alex Tomme


student bio

Alex Tomme has been included in Green Denver Photography Competition/Engineering collaboration involving eight total participating winning groups in publication. She was also a conference attendee for a2ru PULSE: Collaborations for Cities in Flux Summit @ VCU future imaging.

She has participated in the University of Colorado Denver’s Traveling Exhibition 16x16x16 and participating schools. Worked in a university publication, and has also worked as a live performance concert photographer since 2011. She received the SPE Travel Grant award in March 2015.

artist statement

The work I am creating is meant to explore surroundings and the environment architectural forms take on in the low light of darkness. Using only ambient illumination from the site, the images question artificiality and attempt to confront the temporary relationship that time creates within architectural environments. Buildings more now than ever, are meant only to last so long and although they may pass inspections; they will undergo transformations from additions to decay, to demolition.

Architecture, whether urban or rural, deals with spatial relations. It takes on the symbolism of the life and lives of individuals which is houses, and it describes power of status. Using images by constructing and combining them subtly with digital fabrication, the images take on the nature of temporary short lived morality and artificiality of society. Our architectural environment gives us clues and it is my hope that these images help us confront how we are using and being used by our constructed environments.

By capturing dimly lit spaces, elements of isolation and distance we can recognize the in between of our actions and the quiet world we are living inside of become more apparent. Spaces are information for utilitarian living and known for keeping the outside from the inside. Space also speaks of culture and how it is temporary as a home or individuality by its expressive nature.