Christopher Caldwell


student bio

Christopher Caldwell was born and raised in Virginia. At an early age he developed a proclivity for being outdoors and investigating various matters under rocks and in the tree tops. In his teens he was introduced to a film photography class and couldn't put the camera down sense.

After attending a school sponsored trip to Italy, the motivation that followed set a precedent for the burgeoning young artist's career in photography. His motivation for creating artwork lies with the principles of nature and music. Currently, Caldwell is studying at the University of Colorado for a B.F.A. in Photography.

artist statement

Photography is in many ways subservient to the truth. As an art form it has the potential to utilize the objective truth, not completely, but to a greater extent than any other medium or expression of art. In my work, I strive to capture and share those qualities with the rest of the world, similar to a philosopher who identifies a new theory. I want to be a philosopher of the lens, of form, and of perspective.

Knowledge is the champion of the human experience that is correlated with the dissolution of racism, prejudice, and injustice. As of now there is primarily one mode of acquiring knowledge that one can trust: the interpersonal connection. As an artist and a human being, my goal is to soak up all of the knowledge I can about the world, and spread the knowledge I have received through verbal and visual communication. With this wisdom, I am in pursuit of bringing a greater peace and understanding to the world.

Regarding my thesis I have decided to explore and observe a zoo environment, its inhabitants and whether they are residents or patrons. From a philosophical standpoint, the zoo is an incredibly wonderful forum to observe the behavioral and psychological changes that take place in humans and animals. As a photographer I am able to catalogue the reactions that people have watching these animals, and further explore how those reactions are exhibited in people between age differences.