The Transmedia-Sculpture area provides an uncompromising level of contemporary media and sculpture instruction. Students learn the theory and practice of traditional 3-dimensional art making alongside the 4-dimensional space of digital and interactive art.

Working with objects, installation, body, video, sound, and projection in contemporary sculpture the program is a bridge between the digital laboratory and the sculpture studio in the context of object making, gallery, interactive social practice and networked media. The merger of methods and practices in Transmedia-Sculpture provides an undergraduate sculpture curriculum that encompasses 5000 year old metal casting process as well as 21st Century digital practices.

thesis students

Students will know how to use a full range of equipment and incorporate varied methods in art making. As students advance through the program they refine personal ideology and through investigation and individual problem solving can determine the conceptual basis of their art making in preparation for BFA Thesis and Advanced Sculpture.

Carter Daughtery